Fenix Talents

The age of technology has changed the meaning of the word “talent.” In the past, singers and actors were called talents, but today talents are inventive entrepreneurs and influencers who create world-changing products and services. 

Fenix Talents an organization that helps active people (and startup CEOs) increase personal awareness, improve their financial situation (implementation of monetization solutions, help in attracting investments) and gain worldwide recognition.

Values: people and businesses that have a positive impact on society.

We Help Our Clients:

1. Increase awareness and monetize projects, activities, social network accounts. (Increase of sales and expansion.)

2. To set clear goals that are necessary to achieve global goals.

3. Increase awareness using organic marketing, soc. networks, PR tools.

4. Improve personal image. We help you mature: a) Your personal image, your brand (rebranding), product (or services). Our team includes marketers and public relations specialists with 20 years of experience.

5. Understand what to do next to achieve commercial and other meaningful goals faster. We will assign you a personal mentor. (Our team includes experienced entrepreneurs who managed to grow their startups and successfully sell them.)

6. Receive advice on setting up a business. (Which company form to choose and in which country and how to make sure you are safe.)

7. Get representation, assistance. We offer different types of contracts. Depending on the contract, we can represent your interests in the USA or Europeanv countries.

Our organization consists of professionals who can solve your most delicate problems related to sales, finances, identity, marketing, advertising.

For Whom Is the Fenix Talents Agency Suitable?

1. For startups and business CEOs who want to have more impact and achieve better business results.

We are interested in ambitious people from Europe, France, or the Baltic States who want to influence and achieve worldwide success. Knowledge of the English language is required. 

2. For lecturers, speakers (education sector), psychologists, and authors of educational books who want to share their knowledge with the whole world.

We are interested in ambitious people who deal with education (sports, business, self-improvement) or programs/systems and tools that facilitate learning processes. We help authors of books on psychology and self-development.

If you are an influencer, the head of an internet portal who, like Alex Hormozi, publicly talks about business experience, we can accelerate your development and represent you at events and projects for entrepreneurs. Influencers often use only digital portals and have limited access to other advertising channels, of which there are over 30. Do you want to be invited to all the most popular podcasts related to your business? Do you want at least 60 countries to know about your personality and business?

3. For Olympians

Unfortunately, Olympians and professional athletes don’t receive enough support from the country they represent. We help Olympians realize their ambitions in business. We help Olympians mature their business ideas and gain investment in their projects aimed at transferring personal experience in sport and self-development.

We Are Preferred by:

  • influencers who, despite having a large following, have not been able to monetize their channels (have yet to discover a product or service that is personally satisfying or have tried and failed).

  • Athletes and Olympians who don’t know how to increase their income. 

  • Startup owners who plan to raise investments. 

  • Startups that tried to raise investments more than five times but failed.

  • Startups that have already received investments but are not successful in increasing sales. We help find errors and solve them.  

  • People who dream of a startup and already have a product or service but don’t have a team and don’t know how to protect themselves against intellectual theft and how to prepare for investment and presentation of their idea. (There are talented people who simply don’t like working with money and papers. We help such people.)

What Are Your Values?

Introduce yourself, and if we like your values and feel the synergy, we will take this significant step. In the worst-case scenario, you will receive advice and guidance from experienced financiers and marketers who can help your idea blossom.

Cooperation Packages.

Depending on the contract, we offer different service packages; comprehensive—long-term, partial, and temporary. In some cases, the only thing that prevents a project from being successful is a lack of publicity and additional investments or support. Whenever we recognize potential, we invest like in a “basketball player” or a “rock star.”

We represent online influencers, corporate leaders, and more.

Contact Us

Write who you are. If you have a website, leave the address. If you have an account on social networks (Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, or Linkedin), please write it.

Let us know what challenges you face in achieving your goals and what you expect from us.